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Name:Carl Walters
Location:United States of America
Name: Carl Walters
Code Name: He-Hulk

Height: 6'7", 7'-8'
Weight: 400 lbs, 800-1000 lbs

Occupation: Television personality
Superhuman Status: Gamma/Altered Person

Abilities: The offspring of an alternate of Luke Cage and Jennifer Walters, Carl defaults to having a slightly diluted version of his father's impenetrable skin and incredible density. He manifests as a hulk, relying on perceived anxiety/fear/anger from his surroundings as the embodiment of his personal insecurities due of his traumatic early infancy and later complication of family dynamics.

-Born in an alternate universe where they started a campaign to kill all the hulks, and sent to this one as an infant after they succeeded in killing his mother.
-Raised by the Jenifer Walters of the universe he was sent to along with her two significant others; Aeron, a nature goddess, and Matthew, a Gen-Active former super-villain.
-Has 2+ siblings, one a hulk/gen-active, one a nature goddess.
-Trained from near-infancy to deal with the risks and skills necessary to become a hulk who functions in society.
-Joined the family team as a pre-teen due to his incredible durability.
-Chose to be educated in a public school where he became noted for his ability to connect to people while speaking.
-Became an internet personality as a teenager, which led into him eventually getting various forms of television journalism and discussion as a voice for super-humans, altered persons, and eventually himself.
-He was later hired as a war/high risk area correspondent for a time, but is currently in-between assignments.

Character and player are both over 18.

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